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Friday, June 16, 2006

Dragon Terrace in Hercules

The best Chinese food in Hercules.
Warning: their potstickers are really good and huge!

Creekside Center
1581 Sycamore Ave. #1
Hercules, CA 94547
(510) 799-3838

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Here is their menu:


Blogger Cindy Dominguez said...

On November 7th, we ordered our dinner from your restaurant. I picked your Happy Family and noodles. I should have returned it as soon as the stench of foul fish engulfed my car. In haste, I excluded the fish, and ate it. The next morning, my stomache was enraged with intense pain. Sunday was spent sleeping, vomiting and continued pain. It finally subsided around 4am. I'm still cautious of what I try to consume. Staying hydrated. My son tossed the leftovers, because that smell! My God the thought of it had me running to the bathroom.
I would like you to credit my debit card for the cost of the noodles and happy family. Please, promptly respond with your intent. My contact information follows.

7:09 AM

Blogger Cindy Dominguez said...


7:11 AM


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